The Problem with Healthcare 

The current healthcare system feels neither accessible nor affordable for the average American, and surgery makes it even more complicated. Issues such as lack of insurance or high deductibles, hold people in the United States, let alone in the Denver, Colorado area back from getting the surgical care they need regardless of how urgent the surgery may be. 

At Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care we are focused on simplifying the process of healthcare starting with surgery at our facility. Instead of confusing medical bills due to obscure billing from insurance companies, we focus on insurance-free surgical options making the process clear and easy for anyone involved. 

Benefits For Patients Looking for Surgery

Patients need to know what they are paying for and what the price is for their surgery or procedure. As healthcare providers, we are committed to patient consent, integrity, and being upfront and honest.  We have a wide variety of options available to the public. Our goal is to support the full spectrum of surgical needs while being transparent and forthcoming about pricing. 

Whether you are looking for a spine procedure, a muscle biopsy, gallbladder removal, digital nerve repair, or carpal tunnel release, we have a range of options for surgery from the head to the toes. 

Pricing for every surgery we perform at Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care is listed on our website. This pricing includes pre-operative appointments, day-of surgery, and appropriate follow-up appointments. 

Pricing Benefits For Benefit Advisors

If you are a Benefits Advisor solving for cost for your clients, Smith Medical is the answer. Contracting directly with Smith Medical is easier than you think. Traditional health plans cost too much and are unsustainable for both companies and employees.

  • Smith Medical is the fastest path so fair transparent surgical pricing.
  • Our open and transparent pricing model helps your clients comply with CAA and Fiduciary Benchmarking requirements.
  • Integrating Smith Medical is easy to do. No plan changes are needed. And you can activate Smith Medical mid-plan year.

We get it, contracting directly is different. The world of healthcare is changing. Is your benefit strategy keeping pace? Partner with Smith to elevate your game. Stop the increasing cost cycle for inadequate health coverage and settle for status quo pricing and unaffordable care. Every day, Americans are putting off the care they need and our goal is to change that.

Signing up is simple, learn more about how to get started here

Pricing Benefits For Employers

Legacy pricing and network models add unnecessary cost and complexity especially when you are an employer trying to balance your budget and support your employees.

Contracting with Smith Medical is simple. No need to continue overpaying for care for your employees. Traditional health plans are expensive and unsustainable for both companies and employees.

  • Smith Medical is perfect for self-funded employers.
  • Our platform partners make it easy to get started.
  • Fully transparent surgical pricing at a fraction of PPOs.

Learn more about how we support employers who want to provide the best surgical coverage for a fair price here

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