Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care focuses on advanced surgical care for patients in Colorado located in Littleton, Colorado.

Surgery With Smith Medical

It is a multispecialty facility that offers a wide range of surgical procedures, including orthopedics and spine, ear, nose, and throat, upper and lower extremity surgery, men’s and women’s health procedures, and general surgery.

The ambulatory surgery center is cash-based, highlighting the fair and fully transparent cost of each surgery on its website to create better accessibility and budgeting for patients. Patients come to Smith Medical for advanced surgical care along with general surgical procedures when they are tired of navigating obscure pricing or costly procedures. 

A surgery center is part of Smith Medical’s mission to transform healthcare access and economics. The cost of care at Smith Medical is on average 30-50% less expensive than PPO Network pricing common to most employer plans. Smith Medical’s all-in fully transparent prices are displayed clearly on the company’s website.

Smith Medical is a welcome partner to those who are uninsured, underinsured and have high deductibles. Smith Medical is also a perfect complement to self-funded employer health plans, which also act as “direct pay” buyers of healthcare for their employees. 

Even with the transparent, reduced fees payment to physicians at Smith Medical is often more than they earn in traditional PPO structures. Payment to physicians also occurs much faster at Smith Medical than with traditional, insurance-based reimbursement. These financial dynamics attract the best medical talent in the market. Everybody wins with Smith Medical.

What is Advanced Surgical Care? 

Advanced surgical care refers to the use of cutting-edge technologies, techniques, and procedures to provide the highest level of care to patients requiring surgical interventions. This approach encompasses a wide range of specialties, from minimally invasive surgeries to highly complex procedures that require multidisciplinary teams of experts. Advanced surgical care aims to improve patient outcomes, decrease recovery times, and minimize the risk of complications associated with traditional surgical methods.

At Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care we perform surgeries that are minimally invasive to surgeries performed using endoscopic devices, many of our surgeries utilize advanced technology or minimally invasive techniques to minimize the recovery time that the body will experience. 

Our focus at Smith Medical is to provide top-of-the-line surgical care with fair and transparent pricing from the very beginning of your relationship with us. 

Spine Procedures

At Smith Medical we perform a range of different procedures in different categories. For patients looking for spinal procedures in Colorado, Smith Medical is a great way to receive quality service without the heavy price tag that surgery typically comes with. 

Smith Medical offers a cutting-edge surgical spine procedure that utilizes advanced technology and highly skilled surgeons to provide patients with optimal results. Without top-rated surgeons, nurses, and staff, our spinal treatments at Smith Medical demonstrate a commitment to excellence in patient care and a dedication to staying at the forefront of medical advancements in orthopedics.

Learn about our Spine Procedures: 

Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Artificial Disc Placement: $17,384

Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion, 1 level: $17,384

Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion, 2 levels $24,452

Lumbar Laminectomy: $12,230

Lumbar Puncture: $12,230

Microdiscectomy : $1,295

Occipital Nerve Stimulator Removal $4,290

One-Level Lumbar Fusion $38,000

Two-Level Lumbar Fusion: $49,625

Vagal Nerve Stimulator : $8,585

At Smith Medical we believe patients deserve better so we have taken the first step to provide a community-first access and care model built on cost-transparent surgical services without the use of insurance coverage. 

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